Customer service basics specifically designed for the Transport industry!!

You will learn :  key points:

  1. What customerservice is all about?
  2. How to use answer and handle the phoneenquirywith skill
  3. How to deal withawkward and difficult customers
  4. How to handle complaintsabout yourservices or company
  5. How topresent your attitude, andmotivate yourself   on stressful days
  6. How toovercome price objections  in person, by phoneor emailsetc
  7. How to understand your benefits   andcreating 21reasonstovisit your busines
  8. How touse emailcommunication,  skype,  SMS texting , social media  andother tools
  9. How to projectyour personality,   and be welcomingat all times of the day
  10. How tomake suggestionsnot opinions
  11. How to sellyour companyservicesto customers andfellow staffmembers.
  12. How to get leads for more businessopportunities.
  13. How to plan your day and week   tomotivate yourself
  14. How to listen  and engage in conversationwithcustomers and staff members, andyour boss.
  15. How tostand,  talk, and use gestures for impact in the first 30 seconds
  16. How to bemore confident in Customer   service andimpress your customers.

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