Strengthening regulation in Health and Safety has received an increasing amount of attention lately and it affects all workplaces in New Zealand.

Under the current Health and Safety in Employment Act an employer or director can be fined up to $500,000 and/or 2 years in prison for breaches of the Act.  In addition a person who controls a place of work and fails to provide a warning about a significant hazard can be personally fined up to $10,000. As you may well know this is about to change to ensure everyone has a stake hold in ensuring peoples safety.

Businesses who become certified to Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) receive between 10% – 20% off their ACC Levy.  Further if Transport companies also achieve ACC Fleet Saver then they also receive 40% of vehicle registration costs.

Companies are responsible for the Health and Safety of their contractors and as part of achieving WSMP certification a company must assess and review the Health and Safety Practices of its contractors.  In this way having a certified Health and Safety Management System is increasingly being a standard element in supply contracts.

Commercial Roadskills have been approached by many of their clients asking for training. This has been found to be a default reaction to little or no workable Health and Safety Management System for their businesses.  To assist their clients Commercial Roadskills and Sustainable Edge have partnered to assist companies in the introduction of a Transport industry specific Health and Safety Management System which includes training management, to ensure maximum effectiveness and compliance with new Health and Safety regulations.

Both Commercial Roadskils and Sustainable Edge were involved in the initial development of the EECA Fuel Efficiency Programme and management systems so have an extremely good understanding of how these systems all go together. The system we have designed is compliant with WSMP, ACC Fleet Saver and supports the EECA fuel efficiency programme.

The Transport Health and Safety Management System has been designed utilising the transport industry experience of Commercial Roadskills to maximize the effectiveness of the management system in managing all Health and Safety Risk.

It has been designed to integrate with the current practices of the business and become best practice in the way the business is run.

Once a company has fully implemented the Health and Safety Management System they can expect to:

  • Be managing Health and Safety Risk efficiently and have it integrated into everyday operations
  • Achieve WSMP Secondary level providing a 15% reduction in ACC Fees
  • Achieve ACC Fleet Saver providing a 40% reduction in Vehicle Registration
  • Achieve a 5% fuel saving across the fleet
  • Meet customer and major contracts Health and Safety requirements


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