The End Result…

By completing this SAFED DTI (Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving Driver Training Instructor’s) Course you will be able to train customers in SAFEDNZ (Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving New Zealand).


Those that wish to become SAFED Instructors may have no more than three points on their licence and may not have had a driving ban in the past four years. Holding an Instructor (I) Endorsement is preferred but not necessary. A SAFEDNZ Instructor must have a licence for all classes of vehicles that they are training in.

Course Information

The SAFED DTI Course has a duration of two days. During these two days the participants will spend one of them completing the SAFEDNZ Course. Because of this the applicant does not need to have completed a SAFEDNZ Course prior to the SAFED DTI Course.

What SAFEDNZ Can Mean…

By completing this course you will be a fully qualified SAFEDNZ Instructor. By doing this you have the opportunity to fulfil a space in the growing SAFEDNZ industry. The SAFEDNZ DTI Course gives you the knowledge and understanding of the SAFEDNZ principles and concepts for use in training and also to advance your own driving.

Roadskills Why Choose Us?

Commercial Roadskills was around in the beginning, when SAFED was first introduced into New Zealand. It has played an important role in helping to develop SAFED Courses and trained original senior instructors. Two members of staff, Tony Newth and Les Newth are current Senior Instructors and are taking the SAFED Courses. Commercial Roadskills has been commended on the strong work ethics and patient teachings of our trainers and staff. It is our mission to work with you to make your experience an enjoyable and successful one.


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