The End Result…

SAFEDNZ (Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving New Zealand) will give drivers the skills to reduce fuel and become safer drivers, effectively lowering the day-to-day costs of running a vehicle and a fleet.


There are no specific requirements for this course, however as Commercial Roadskills trains SAFEDNZ for heavy vehicles a licence for the correct class of vehicle the applicant wants to complete SAFEDNZ in is necessary.

Course Information

The SAFEDNZ program is run over a single day, including two practical sessions, theory training and safety checks/theory exercises. The participant builds on the first practical session in the second with what they learn during the theory and with the guidance from the instructor. A fuel saving is almost always recorded.

What SAFEDNZ Can Mean…

SAFEDNZ can help turn your drivers into assets. With fuel reductions and safer drivers, your bottom line can be helped with less maintenance, accidents and less being spent on fuel per kilometre. This course also helps drivers to save fuel in their own vehicles, as many of the concepts taught for the heavy vehicles can also be applied to light vehicles.

Roadskills Why Choose Us?

Commercial Roadskills was around in the beginning, when SAFED was first introduced into New Zealand. It has played an important role in helping to develop SAFED Courses and trained original senior instructors. Two members of staff, Tony Newth and Les Newth are current Senior Instructors and are taking the SAFED Courses. Commercial Roadskills has been commended on the strong work ethics and patient teachings of our trainers and staff. It is our mission to work with you to make your experience an enjoyable and successful one.


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