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The End Result…


By being the holder of a Passenger (P) Endorsement, you will be able to drive vehicles carrying passengers for payment. With a Passenger Endorsement and the correct class of licence, you will be able to drive vehicles such as Buses, Shuttles and Taxi’s for hire or reward.


******PLEASE NOTE**** The requirements for obtaining a P Endorsement have changed from the 1st October 2017

To be eligible for a Passenger Endorsement a Full New Zealand Class 1 licence must be held for at least 2 years.
The applicant must also undergo a fit and proper persons check, which looks into past history to determine the safety of future passengers.

There is now no longer a requirement to pass the Class 1 Full Licence Practical Test.

However there is still a requirement for P Endorsement holders to understand the worktime rule and maintain a work time logbook - to complete one of these courses please see our 24089 Logbook course.

Course Information

There is now no longer a requirement to pass a Passenger Endorsement training course. 

What This Endorsement Means…

By holding this endorsement you will be able to drive a small vehicle for hire or reward. For large vehicles (more than 12 seats) a Passenger Endorsement and the correct class of licence to drive that type of vehicle is required whether for payment or not. A Passenger Endorsement is also needed if you are paid by passengers to drive any other vehicle such as UBER ride sharing.

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Unsure how to go about getting your passenger endorsement? Check out our Passenger Endorsement Procedure which will guide you through it step by step.
Passenger Endorsement Procedure

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