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The End Result…

By being the holder of a full Class 5 licence, you will be able to drive any combination vehicle that has a total combined weight over 25,000kg.


A Class 5 licence course is directed at those with previous experience who wish to drive larger, heavier combination vehicles. To be eligible for a Class 5 licence a full Class 4 or a full Class 3 licence must be held for a minimum of six months if applicant is less than 25 years old, or three months if the applicant is older than 25. A Class 5 learner licence is required before attending this course. (Check out our Learner Licence course!).

Course Information

The Class 5 training course includes two days theory training in class and up to four hours on road training and assessment. Participants will complete unit standards 17577 and 24089 which will also be registered onto the NZQA framework. If unit standard 24089 has already been completed, then the theory training component can be reduced to one day.

What This Licence Means…

By holding this licence you will be able to drive any combination vehicle that has a total combined weight over 25,000kg, along with any vehicle covered by Classes 1,2,3 and 4.

Roadskills Why Choose Us?

Commercial Roadskills has a history of training good, solid, safe drivers in the different heavy vehicle classes. Since the beginning days, Commercial Roadskills has been commended on the strong work ethics and patient teachings of our trainers and staff. It is our mission to work with you to make your experience an enjoyable and successful one.


Unsure how to go about getting your class 5 licence? Check out our Class 5 Licence Procedure which will guide you through it step by step.
Class 5 Licence Procedure

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